Why be a member?  (There are many benefits to membership of the Australasian Neuroscience Society. One of the biggest incentives is the substantial discount for attending the Annual Scientific Meeting, to be held later this year. In previous years, a standard ANS membership with an early-bird registration saved members up to $300 compared to non-member registrants, making the $170 membership fee well worthwhile. And, of course, student memberships are much cheaper still. There are many other benefits to membership of the Australasian Neuroscience Society that are listed below and highlighted on our brief membership video (https://youtu.be/Tu4gcFzDrTg). The video gives first-hand accounts of what ANS means to some of its members.

The benefits of ANS membership include:

  • Play an active voting role in the peak neuroscience society in Australasia
  • Enhance your career with education and networking
  • Apply for ANS Research Awards available at all career levels
  • Substantially reduced registration rates to support your participation in the annual ANS conference
  • Organise national conference symposia and nominate plenary speakers
  • Access state-based funding for local neuroscience events
  • Be part of the Australian Brain Alliance, supporting neuroscience nationally and internationally
  • Professional training opportunities locally and special access offered internationally
  • Participate in awareness activities in the public and political arenas
  • Access resources and training for neuroscience teaching
  • Support diversity in neuroscience
  • Receive ANS newsletters, monthly email bulletins and social media posts to keep you up to date
  • Post free job ads and PhD position advertisements on our website
  • Career development opportunities for research students

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