Members of the Executive and Council for 2023

The Society has an Executive consisting of the President, Past President or the President-elect, Treasurer, Conference Executive Chair and Secretary. The Council currently consists of the Executive plus the Public Officer, seven Australian State Representatives and a New Zealand Representative. All Council members, with the exception of the Public Officer, are elected to their positions and all serve in an honorary capacity.





Professor Janet Keast
The University of Melbourne

Janet Keast




A/Prof Michael Lardelli
University of Adelaide

Michael Lardelli portrait




A/Prof Jana Vukovic
University of Queensland

Jana Vukovic 2022 headshot



Conference Executive Chair

Professor Jason Mattingley
University of Queensland

Jason Mattingley cropped




Professor Peter Schofield AO
Neuroscience Reserch Australia

Peter Schofield



Other Council Members



Australian Capital Territory Representative      

Ehsan Kheradpezhouh

Ehsan Kheradpezhouh



New South Wales Representative 

Lezanne Ooi


LO headshot portrait



Queensland Representative 

Thomas Burne

 Thomas Burne



South Australia Representative

Lyndsey Collins-Praino

Lindsey Collins



Victoria Representative 

Nicolas Price

Nicholas Price cropped



Western Australia Representative

Hamid Sohrabi

Hamid Sohrabi



Tasmania Representative 

Jenna Ziebell

 ziebell head shot for MyLO



NZ Representative

Karl Iremonger


Karl Iremonger



Postgraduate Student Representative
(Student Body Chair) 

Alastair Fortune

Alastair Headshot



Neuroscience Research Representative 

Rebecca San Gil




Public Officer

John Bekkers