ANS student body committee

The Student Body Committee (SBC) was formed in 2017 and is tasked with strategising, planning, and implementing programs to support neuroscience students and encourage student participation in ANS. The committee is made up entirely of students and consists of a chair, a deputy chair, a secretary, and representatives from eight regions across Australasia.

Each year, the SBC organises one or more student events at the annual ANS conference and supports student events throughout the year via funding and advertising. To enquire about ANS student membership benefits, local events, and information about the annual ANS conference, or how the SBC can support a student event in your region, please contact your respective regional representative listed below.

Chair Tom Burns
Deputy Chair Vicky Staikopoulos
Secretary Rachelle Balez
ACT Representative Jess Herrington
TAS Representative Emily Handley
VIC Representative Daniel Fehring
NSW Representative Cynthia Lee
QLD Representative Mridula Arun
SA Representatives

Andelain Erickson

Jast Canlas

WA Representatives

Darren Clarke

NZ Representative Mandana Hunter

Particular points of focus of the SBC involve:

  • The promotion of communication between students and the ANS Council
  • The organisation of relevant academic, professional, and or social events for students, especially alongside the annual ANS conference
  • The receipt and collation of advice and feedback from students regarding proposed, new, and existing ANS activities, including but not limited to courses, workshops, and conferences, as well as major and minor amendments, and deletions, to such activities
  • The receipt and collation of advice and feedback on broader issues which considerably affect the ANS Student Body, including but not limited to HDR research supervision and funding, university and research institute environments, policies proposed or enacted by governments, universities, or ANS, and other issues which affect the ANS Student Body.
  • Voicing recommendations to the ANS Council on academic and professional matters concerning students;
  • Sharing with the ANS Council collated advice and feedback, especially on ANS policy and strategy which affects the ANS Student Body, on issues relevant to the ANS Student Body

Click here for information regarding the ANS student body committee's Terms of Reference.