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Leg exercise is critical to brain and nervous system health

New research shows that using the legs, particularly in weight-bearing exercise, sends signals to the brain that are vital for the production of healthy neural cells. The groundbreaking study fundamentally alters brain and nervous system medicine -- giving doctors new[…]

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Gauging language proficiency through eye movement

A new study indicates eye movement can reveal the proficiency of people reading English as a second language.

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New brain development disorder identified by scientists

Researchers have identified a new inherited neurodevelopmental disease that causes slow growth, seizures and learning difficulties in humans.

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Subtle hearing loss while young changes brain function

New research has found that young people with subtle hearing loss -- the kind they aren't even aware of -- are putting demands on their brains that typically wouldn't be seen until later in life.

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Building a brain, cell by cell: Researchers make a mini neuron network (of two)

Neurological research uses simplified models consisting of artificial collections of neurons. These models are often imprecise, because it is difficult to control how neurons connect to one another. Researchers have developed a technique that uses microscopic plates to guide how[…]

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Mechanisms of harmful overhydration and brain swelling

We are all familiar with the drawbacks of dehydration, but we rarely hear about the harmful effects of overhydration. Scientists have now uncovered a key piece to the puzzle of how our brains detect hyponatremia and regulate overhydration. The new[…]

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Mice brain structure linked with sex-based differences in anxiety behavior

Using male individuals has long been a tradition in scientific mice studies. But new research enforces the importance of using a balanced population of male and female mice. Scientists studying the locus coeruleus brain structure in mice unexpectedly found substantial[…]

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Model estimates lifetime risk of Alzheimer's dementia using biomarkers

Lifetime risks of developing Alzheimer's disease dementia vary considerably by age, gender and whether any signs or symptoms of dementia are present, according to a new study.

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Young toddlers may learn more from interactive than noninteractive media

Preschoolers can learn from educational television, but younger toddlers may learn more from interactive digital media (such as video chats and touchscreen mobile apps) than from TV and videos alone, which don't require them to interact. The article also notes[…]

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Link between IBD and Parkinson's might allow doctors to slow down condition

Doctors may be able to modify or slow down the progress of the neurological condition Parkinson's disease in the future by spotting signs of it in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), suggest a new study.

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Deep space radiation treatment reboots brain's immune system

NASA and private company SpaceX plan to send humans to Mars within the next 15 years -- but need to figure out how to protect astronauts from the dangerous cosmic radiation of deep space. Now neuroscientists have identified a potential[…]

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Mice regrow brain tissue after stroke with bioengineered gel

In a first-of-its-kind finding, a new stroke-healing gel helped regrow neurons and blood vessels in mice with stroke-damaged brains, researchers report.

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Feel the burn: Biochemical pathway that spurs beige fat cells to burn energy is discovered

Researchers have identified a brain receptor and signaling pathway that spurs beige fat cells to burn energy, revealing a possible target for obesity therapies in humans.

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Personalizing therapeutic brain stimulation

A study of epilepsy patients with implanted electrodes provides an unprecedented view of the changes in brain activity created by electrical stimulation. These findings have the potential to improve noninvasive stimulation approaches toward the treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders.

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Autism is not linked to eating fish in pregnacy

A major study examining the fish-eating habits of pregnant women has found that they are not linked to autism or autistic traits in their children. Scientists looked at the assumption that mercury exposure during pregnancy is a major cause of[…]

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Reading the minds of pilots on the fly

Wearable brain monitoring sensors allowed researchers to measure cognitive workload while aircraft pilots completed memory tasks.

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Cell types underlying schizophrenia identified

Scientists have identified the cell types underlying schizophrenia. The findings offer a roadmap for the development of new therapies to target the condition.

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Vascular risk interacts with amyloid levels to increase age-related cognitive decline

Risk factors for heart disease and stroke appear to hasten the risk of cognitive decline in normal older individuals with evidence of very early Alzheimer's-disease-associated changes in the brain.

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Does pupil dilation occur before insight?

Researchers have measured the human pupil upon gaining insight into an object. It is known that pupils dilate/narrow to adjust the amount of light entering the eye and that emotional state affects the extent of dilation/narrowing. This study indicates that[…]

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Brain stimulation may reduce food cravings as obesity treatment

Stimulating the brain to alter its intrinsic reward system shows promise in the treatment of obesity, according to new results. The technique has yielded positive results after just a single treatment session, revealing its potential to become a safer alternative[…]

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